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Common sense tells us that
to better predict what's going to happen in the future we must first study and learn from what's happened in the past. In order that you might have a better feel for where the Marty Connection is headed, here is a pictorial history of our origins, past to present. It's evidence of the popularity and growth of "martying" as a concept and of our long term intentions to continue more of the same for the future.

This anthology begins with the first marty held by the VERY first team, THE SHAWNEE/LENEXA GROUP , ten years ago and takes you through the original groups which would eventually evolve into the Marty Connection as we know it today.

Shawnee/Lenexa Team
first there was the SHAWNEE/LENEXA GROUP
1993: SHAWNEE LENEXA GROUP. This was the very first marty for the Shawnee/Lenexa Group held at Le Peeps Restaurant in 1993. These folks deserve a hand. It's not easy to trust an untried concept when you have to ante up and be one of the first ones on board.
1993: SHAWNEE/LENEXA. This was about 5 months into the first year. As you can see, we are becoming MUCH MORE relaxed.
Of course it could have had something to do with the fact that this was the first marty in which we served "cold beer". It has proved to be a very popular refreshment item ever since.
1997: SHAWNEE/LENEXA This was the Shawnee Lenexa group four years into the concept posing for a group shot at Dr Paul Schaal's Wellness clinic.
1999: SHAWNEE/LENEXA This was one of our annual events for the Shawnee group-our marty at our local billiard parlour, Side Pockets. It looks like we're just having fun, but this group had done a lot of business by this time.

Lawrence Team
then came the LAWRENCE TEAM!
1993: Lawrence This was the first marty in Lawrence in 1993 held at the Holiday Inn. This team went on to become one of the most successful in the Marty Connection.
1994: Lawrence Many martys are held at team members homes. The atmosphere is relaxed and all are welcome. This was a marty at Steve & June's Home when the Lawrence group was just 1 yr old.
1996: Lawrence Lawrence group at Shawn Rush's busines, Rent-To-Own. The team was three years into martying. By this time they had become super close as a group and were doing a ton of business.
1999: Lawrence Lawrence at out dentist's office in 1999. As you can see they were very at ease with each other. Although they did a lot of business, they were most proud of their friendships.
1994: Lawrence & Shawnee This was the first time that two marty groups were together at the same time. This was at Kevin & Patti York's house and was a roaring success, so much so that it was the precursor to the later mega-martys known as the marty for Mercy Hospital and Marty-Gras.

Boulevard Team
next we began the COLLEGE BOULEVARD TEAM
1994: College Blvd College Blvd was the third team to be built and was begun in 1994. This, their second marty, was a marty-que in Shawnee Mission Park. As you can see this team grew very fast and ended up as one of the most successful

1996: College Blvd
The Athletic club of Overland park was a long time member, and every year the College group gathered around the pool and patio of the club and shared good times. Certain locations like ACOP proved so enjoyable that they became an annual tradition.

1997: College Blvd
Gary Joslin's, Joslin's Jewelers, back yard was an ideal marty location and here you can see the group after being together for three years.
1999: College Blvd Costume martys at Halloween are a very popular theme with children and adults. Here is the group back at the Joslin's for some chili and ghostly fun.

Johnson County Team
next came the... JOHNSON COUNTY TEAM
1994: Johnson County This team was formed around Denise Upah (2nd from the left) and can be seen here at their first marty in 1994. Denise became the first Marty Connection Franchisee and went on to build her own marty groups.
1996: Johnson County Here is the Jo Co team two years into the process at the Wellness Connection. Obviously they have become relaxed with each other and were doing a bunch of business by this time.

1997: Johnson County Jo Co had the first Renaissance Festival Marty in Shawnee Mission Park. We catered in smoked turkey legs and caramel apples, and this became a traditional annual event for this group.
1999: Johnson County Jo Co's last Halloween Marty. If you look closely you can see Denise Upah dressed as Dave Rizer when he had his head shaved. Can you find her?

Olathe Team
and then there was OLATHE
1995: Olathe This was Olathe's first marty. This proved to be one of the smaller groups in size, but not in relationships formed or business done. It was quite a success.
1998: Olathe This was Olathe at halloween in 1998. This group later split into two groups and the Blue Valley Team was born.

Blue Valley Team
1996: Blue Valley Blue Valley split off the Olathe Group bacause of geographical considerations and went on to become one of the most fun loving groups we had in the Marty Connection
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