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  • Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who has grown tired or disillusioned with stuffy, conventional networking venues like the Chamber, breakfast clubs and the like?

  • Do you feel your time is being wasted at affairs where 30 second commercials are the order of the day and everyone is wearing their business face trying to sell each other something?

  • Would you like to drop the suits and ties , get rid of the meaningless chitchat and build real relationships/friendships based on who you really are?

  • And last but not least , would you like to end up doing busines s with each other and have lots of fun in the process?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes , then we've got a solution for you .

It's called The Marty Connection and it's all about having fun and doing business.

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Begun 11 years ago with a group of 15 entrepreneurs who felt just like you do, the Marty Connection has grown steadily in results and size until today, we number over 250 business owners who have chosen to leave the hurried, choreographed, less personal approaches behind in favor of an environment of fun and conviviality in which members check their business face at the door, really get to know one another, and people once again become more important than the bottom line.

Members accomplish this by coming together once a month, after hours, in a more relaxed "come as you are" venue which we fondly call a marty . It’s a bit of a "meeting and a party" in which busy entrepreneurs and their families can unwind, be themselves and end up doing business without really trying. We know it sounds a little "out of the box" to say this, but it seems that the more fun we have the more business we do.

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