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marty (mär´të), noun, 1. a meeting mixing business with pleasure
(i.e., "meeting + party); verb, 2. to mix with others for fun and profit.

Marty Connection Martys. . . . In addition to the quality and character of our team members (hereafter referred to as martyers) , the pride and joy of our concept is the casual, relaxed environment in which martyers come together. It's called a Marty (short for a meeting and a party) and it's the primary place where our relationship and friendship building takes place. This unique Marty concept has evolved over the years into a spirited, monthly gathering that strategically blends business with fun. Team members and their families come together to Marty at fellow members places-of-business, their homes, or other special locations. Above all, it's a place for fun and fellowship where you can come as you are and, most importantly, you can BE YOURSELF.

When you arrive, you immediately know as you walk through the door that you're at a Marty and not a meeting. The beer's cold (for those that want one), the soft drinks are iced for the non-drinkers and the kids, the food's catered in (we don't do hors d'oeuvres, we eat), and the music's already coming from a professional sound system. With the emphasis on relaxation, members can kick back after a long day, leave their business face at the door, and enjoy a social (party) atmosphere where they can have fun and enjoy themselves without worrying about someone trying to sell them something. This format is a sure fire formula for breaking down barriers , and team members truly get-to-know one another over the years and forge strong personal relationships/friendships characterized by warmth and respect.

About two hours into the festivities everyone is pulled together for a group photo and, while they are in one place, things are called to order and our version of a Marty meeting is held . By popular request, this portion is kept short and sweet (under 30 minutes) and consists of three sections: 1) the introduction of new members including a description of their business, 2) a sharing session in which Marty members track the business they've done with each other and what their experience was like, and 3) announcements of upcoming events and special projects. When these topics are covered the meeting is adjourned, the music is again turned on and we Marty-on until the last person's gone. " When a group of high-energy, successful, non-competing entrepreneurs commit to work together for everyone's benefit the results are amazing!" says Rizer

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