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Welcome to Marty-Gras

Every year FOR THREE YEARS RUNNING, all the Marty groups have come together at the same time in the same place to celebrate Mardi-Gras, Marty style. Hence the name marty-Gras. Although most of our other martys are to be a mix of party and meeting, this one is all party as you can see. Outlandish costumes abound, great pains are taken to make sure the decor is authentic New Orleans, and the band is picked with extra special care to rock your socks off.

Big Time Fun
Nothing is spared in preparation for this spectacular event. The last two marty-Gras we even had our own Hollywood style spotlight just so no one would get lost. People said you could see it 30 miles away and the revelers were drawn to it like moths to a flame. When martyers arrived, the movie premier atmosphere primed them for a good time even before they went inside.

Once inside, all are greeted by the head martyer Dave Rizer and the Marty Connection Team. Everyone gets beads of course, and then you are on your own to have as much fun as you can handle.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Martyers certainly don't lack for food and drink. Since it is Marty-Gras, naturally we have to have authentic New Orlean's style cuisine, thanks to Mike Van Dee, one of the owners of Jazz, a Louisana Kitchen and it doesn't get much more authentic than that. The Jazz is famous from New Orleans to Kansas City for it's Cajun food, and next to BarBQ is fast becoming KC's favourite. Mike and the Jazz have been team members for over 6 years now and It always appears that he and his staff have as much or more fun than anyone there just seeing all of us enjoy the food so much.

The King & Queen Reign
No Marty-Gras would be complete without a King and Queen to preside over the festivities and ours certainly didn't lack this touch of royalty. Each year a couple are chosen from the ranks of team members to be King & Queen. This lucky couple gets all kind of special attention and reigns supreme all year until the next Marty-Gras when they pass the crown and scepter to the next lucky couple.

Time to Rock-N-Roll
Just to keep the party moving, each year a band is chosen that will rock your socks off. Last year we had Disco Dick and the Mirror Balls, a nationally known 70's Disco style band and as you can see some martyers really got carried away by the rhythm and the moment. Of course during the intermission, there were drawings for some dynamite door prizes, and then the band played on and on and on!
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